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What is VAAST and how is it different?

VAAST is a human transportation company building an all-new, all-road brand of Sport Performance Bikes designed for those who seek soul-fulfilling adventures, journeys, and escapes. Bikes expressly designed for those who are destined for more. VAAST is different than other brands in our pursuit of supporting a vibrant cycling ecology, focus on environmental sustainability and the use of new material technology.

What is Sport Performance?

Sports Performance is a doctrine born out of a racing pedigree, thoughtfully reconceived for the adventurer, and focused on pursuing all-new levels of exploration, endurance, and performance in a world beyond finish lines. VAAST is all about adventure and exploration. While the ethos of the VAAST brand is not centered around racing, you are more than welcome to race on our bikes.

What is United Wheels and how does VAAST fit in?

United Wheels Company Limited is the parent company to VAAST, as well as ALLITE, Batch Bicycles, Buzz E-Bikes, Huffy, Niner Bikes, and Royce Union. Combined, the brands sell more than 5 million bicycles through e-commerce, independent dealers, distributors, and thousands of retail locations throughout the U.S. and over 40 countries, addressing riders at every stage of life and every level of experience.

What is VAAST doing to be more environmentally friendly?

We strive to be a leading example for a global community whose mission is the preservation and long-term resilience of our natural habitats. We stand behind those who wish to create a stronger, everlasting bond with their surroundings, and we are committed to operating in a way that will have a significant positive impact on those efforts. When you ride a VAAST Bike, you show your support for a vibrant cycling ecology and respect for the epic experiences we can find in nature. VAAST is a member of Green America and Green Business Bureau and we choose sustainability in every link of the value chain.


What is ALLITE® Super Magnesium™?

Weighing 30% less than aluminum by volume and being both stronger and stiffer pound for pound, Allite Super Magnesium has incredible potential in applications, where weight, performance and efficiency are critical. The ALLITE® Super Magnesium™ alloys are lightweight and high-strength with excellent shock absorption properties, good electromagnetic shielding performance, good heat dissipation and recyclability.

What is AE81?

AE81 is the name of the proprietary ALLITE® Super Magnesium™ alloy containing 8% Aluminum and 1% Rare Earth elements. AE81 is designed specifically for application where weldability is a priority in combination with excellent strength and good elongation.

Why is Super Magnesium more environmentally friendly than other metals?

Considered to be the most eco-friendly and sustainable metal in the world, Magnesium is 100% recyclable, dissolves naturally leaving no trace, and has widespread natural occurrence with unlimited reserves. When VAAST Bikes uses ALLITE® Super Magnesium™ in our products and components, we fulfill our commitment to designing better performing, more accessible, more sustainable earth-friendly materials, and help to set the stage for a stronger, more sustainable, and vibrant cycling world.

What is PEO?

Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) is a bath-based method of producing ceramic layers on the surface of light alloys. PEO surface coatings are characterized by their wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and thermal and chemical stability. A carefully tailored and proprietary PEO technology produces hard and dense ceramic coatings that are optimized to provide a combination of important properties and benefits.

I had a set of old magnesium rims on my car and they corroded, how is this new magnesium different?

The main disadvantage of vintage cast magnesium wheels was their low corrosion resistance. Since then scientists and engineers have investigated the superior characteristics of magnesium to find a solution to the problem. Today, new magnesium surface treatment technologies have completely resolved the issue, allowing manufacturers to provide extended warranties on magnesium wheels (up to 10 years in some cases). As an example, in 2014/2015 60% of buyers of Porsche 918 Spyder have opted for the forged magnesium wheels package.


How do VAAST frames dampen vibration from the road?

Damping capacity is the ability of a material to dissipate vibrational energy. Typically, the material will absorb energy by converting mechanical energy into heat. Magnesium alloy's structures are close-packed hexagonal grains, so there are long dislocations inside the material. Under vibration load, the dislocations will oscillate and thus consume large amounts of energy. The rare earth elements in Super Magnesium™ limit the growth of grains during the solidification process and extrusion process, resulting in smaller and more refined grains compared to other magnesium alloys. The grain boundary area inside the material is increased, and the microscopic viscous motion of the grain boundary generates a large internal friction consumption which absorbs large shock loads.

Do all models (A / M / U / Y) share frames to accommodate the different wheel sizes?

Yes, this is part of the versatility of the brand and each model. The A / M / U models share the same frame to accommodate the two-wheel sizes, we specifically designed the geometry to offer flexibility for commonly available wheel sizes for different terrain and riding styles. Y series geometry is the exception, and we optimized the geometry to fit specific younger riders and the geometry couldn’t be shared.

What is V-Fit and how does this differ from other brands fit?

V-fit is focused on putting the rider in an optimal sports performance posture. When designing the bikes, we look at more than just the frame geometry to create a riding posture that is more attuned to an enhanced feel, reactive steering control, and responsive climbing ability. We use TrueStack™ and TrueReach™ to determine the optimal sports performance fit. Many riders find the recommended size, based on the V-Fit sizing tool on, is different than what they are accustomed to. This is not by mistake. If you have questions or concerns about the right size for you, please contact us at [email protected].

Are the replaceable derailleur hangers specific to each model?

Across the VAAST range there are only two derailleur hangers: There is a thru axle hanger that fits both A and M series models and a QR hanger that fits both U and Y models.
All hangers are marked with a model number, so if you need a replacement part it is easy to identify which.

Are all the VAAST bikes 1X drivetrain?

Yes, all the VAAST models are designed for 1X drivetrains. Modern 1X drivetrains are lighter, more efficient and provide the same range as heavier 2X configurations with a more durable and intuitive setup. All A/1 Models produced after 2021 are compatible with 2x drivetrains for those who desire the benefits and flexibility of 2x gearing.

What is the story behind the colors and graphics of the bikes?

We believe adventure, and inspiration is found wherever you seek it. Our brand represents boundless exploration in any environment. From the mountains to the prairies to the urban jungle. From tarmac to the road to the steep single-track, we make you feel at home and in your element. Our brand mark depicts movement on roads and trails and evokes tales of riding adventure. And our first-generation color palette takes inspiration from the diverse landscapes that inspired the bikes themselves.

Why does the A/1 frame have a dropped chainstay?

The dropped chainstay (CS) allows the CS to be placed lower in reference to the chainring and creates more clearance for wider tires.

What is the tire clearance for all your models?

A/1 700c = 42mm
A/1 650b = 50mm
M/1 29” = 2.6”
M/1 27.5” = 2.8”
U/1 700c = 40mm
U/1 650b = 50mm
Y/1 24” = 2.4”
Y/1 20” = 2.3”

Will you offer framesets?

Yes, we will offer our A/1 and M/1 as framesets. The A/1 frameset will retail for $1,299 USD and the M/1 frameset will retail for $899 USD.

A/1 frameset includes: Frame, fork, front and rear thru axles, headset, seat clamp and hardware
M/1 frameset includes: Frame, rear thru axle, headset, seat clamp and hardware.

What is the weight limit for VAAST Bikes?

Structural weight limits, which include rider and cargo/luggage weights are below:

M/1: 300lb / 136kg
A/1 - U/1: 275lb / 125kg
Y/1: 220lb / 100kg


What is your relationship Niner/Batch Bicycles?

VAAST and Niner are both owned by United Wheels, but they are separate brands and independent of each other.

I am a Niner/Batch dealer, can I carry VAAST?

Yes, we believe these brands complement each other well and as a trusted, authorized Niner or Batch partner in good standing we would love to have you carry VAAST in your region. Please contact us at [email protected].

Do you have dealers in EU?

Yes, VAAST is currently available in Europe through, and Bikester.

Do you have any international distributors?

VAAST is still very much a start-up brand with the goal of partnering with international distributors across the world to carry our product. We are working hard to make inventory available for shipment from Taiwan and look forward to growing the VAAST brand across the world.

Where can people find more information about VAAST?

For more information about VAAST Bikes, visit, “like” VAAST Bikes on Facebook or follow @VAASTBikes on Instagram or @VAASTBikes on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates. And, consider checking out our Strava Club at